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Ford proves to itself that it can hurry up

A combination of new work practices and a flexible architecture helped Ford shave off 20 months from the Maverick compact pickup's product development time.

Nissan positions redesigned Frontier to take back some ground

Nissan once towered in the smaller pickup segment. Now, it just wants a crack at it.

Stellantis late to the EV game? Not necessarily

Some dealers say this is a great moment for Stellantis to pounce with electrified options, pointing to the early success of the Jeep Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid.

Rivian engaged in early talks for U.K. factory, report says

The investment would probably include a large state-support package, but the U.K. faces competition from Germany and the Netherlands.

Sonic ponders EchoPark future

The nation's seventh-largest new-vehicle retailer said it is calling for a "review of strategic alternatives" for EchoPark.

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